Mental Health Program

Ben Franklin Center Mental Health Program
“They talk to you about it and try to find a way to make you feel better.”

The Ben Center partners with Benjamin Franklin High School (BFHS) and the University of Maryland, Baltimore to provide mental health services to BFHS students and their families. Overseen by a licensed clinician, interns from the School of Social Work (SSW) provide individual, group and family therapy, track and work to improve student attendance, and serve as case managers on academic support teams.

The SSW interns provide services to the students through non-traditional methods which fit within the wider school culture modeled after Capturing Kids Hearts. This teacher training by the Flippin Group seeks to help staff improve school culture by prioritizing healthy relationships and a safe environment for students. In line with this philosophy, SSW interns build relationships with students by spending as much time as possible making themselves visible and accessible. The interns greet students as they arrive in the mornings, and are present in the cafeteria during lunches. In this way, the interns help to remove the stigma of mental health needs among the students. In addition, the interns are trauma informed and use the out of office time to identify and address the challenges of students with presenting issues. The mental health program at the Ben Center also involves the interns in student attendance and academic performance teams to address the variety of clinical and environmental factors that affect student performance.

If you have a child attending BFHS and are concerned about their mental health, please contact the Center at 410-246-4486 or email Heather Chapman.